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CAMBER Feature Comparison

The comparison matrix below highlights the CAMBER Advantage for librarians in comparison with other leading products offered by aggregators or online intermediaries.

FeatureCAMBEROther Providers
Administrator Control of ContentYesNo
Administrator MARC Records for Catalog IntegrationYesNo
Administrator Customized Book StatisticsYesNo
Unlimited print capabilityYesNo
Unlimited usersYesNo
Unlimited notesYesNo
Unlimited e-mail of pagesYesNo
Unlimited PDF downloadsYesNo
HTML/XML Plus eBook PDFYesNo
Customize font, letter, spacingYesNo
Customize menu optionsYesNo
Full text search of all inner content within bookYesNo
Full text search of all inner content across booksYesNo
Full text search of PDFS downloadYesNo
Full index with individual links to pagesYesNo
Subscription or per book pricingYesNo
Annotation dataYesNo
Universal browser complianceYesNo
Compliant with W3C open standardsYesNo
Plug-in FreeYesNo
Javscript FreeYesNo
XML/XQUERY content deliveryYesNo