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Overview of CAMBER

CAMBER provides 24/7, full text, electronic access to the highly praised books published by Cambria Press.

Designed with both the researcher and librarian in mind, CAMBER is the only eReader offering for academic books that combines XML/HTML plus PDF eBook formats in one universal reader. CAMBER also allows for unlimited access to advanced research tools including print, email, notes, bookmarks, full text search and downloads.

There are no proprietary plug-ins or software required. Students and researchers benefit from having easy and simple access to high quality content and powerful research tools online or offline according to desired convenience and learning style.

For librarians, CAMBER offers the choice of outright ownership or subscription on a collection or per book basis. A special program is also available for smaller libraries. Unlimited user access is included. CAMBER comes bundled with outstanding service and support. Full catalog and MARC data are provided in the manner desired.

CAMBER is simple and can be deployed in minutes. Access is granted transparently via the library network through catalog integration.

CAMBER benefits to librarians include significant gains in quality content, immediate delivery and easy access without restrictions, with simple catalog integration. These benefits, coupled with financial savings, position CAMBER as an extraordinarily valuable offering for librarians and researchers.

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